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Earthworks SR40V

High-def vocal mic

What is it?A high-definition vocal microphone suitable for live sound, recording and test/measurement applications. DetailsThe SR40V incorporates a 9mm back electret transducer with a diaphragm measuring 5 microns. Said to provide the fastest transient response of any vocal microphone on the market, the design combines “a textbook” hyper-cardioid polar pattern with a natural on- and off-axis performance across an 80Hz – 40kHz frequency range. According to Earthworks, the SRV40V offers a natural clarity of sound with greater presence and depth than is customarily associated with vocal microphones. With a self-noise rating of 22dB SPL (A weighted), a sensitivity of 10mV/Pa (-40 dBV/Pa), and a peak acoustic output of 145dB SPL, the SR40V is said to combine extremely low handling noise with robust performance and an output capability suitable for vocal performers. The internal circuitry of the SR40V is tailored to match each capsule for optimum performance; Earthworks’ patented technology is said to provide extreme accuracy in the time domain, allowing harmonics to be reproduced faithfully and not smeared or distorted. The SR40V boasts a rugged stainless steel body and is designed to be hand held.