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EAW debuts Anya PA system at Coachella

The company’s newest sound reinforcement system – Anya – made its official debut at the Gobi tent at this year’s Coachella Festival under the supervision of industry veteran Dave Rat.

Eastern Acoustic Works’ (EAW) newest PA system, Anya, had her official coming out at the Coachella Festival’s Gobi tent in April. The debut followed an unusual marketing campaign via social media that included statements from EAW (which the company has described as “marketing silliness”) such as the following excerpt from a Facebook post: ANYA IS ONLY PRETENDING TO BE THIS LOUDSPEAKER, SO THIS IS ONLY A PRETEND DATA SET. The figures are real and accurate, but do not define Anya’s ultimate performance. This is what you’d get if one Anya module pretended to be a QX566.

We’ve said it over and over because it’s true: there is not nor can there ever be a definitive datasheet.

It’s all very Zen. All silliness aside, Anya’s Coachella debut was in good hands as influential sound reinforcement company Rat Sound deployed seven Anya modules per side with a single out fill module flanking a main column of six at the Empire Polo Grounds near Palm Springs, California. Rat Sound principals Dave Rat and Jon Monson, who worked with EAW to develop the MicroWedge line of stage monitors, contributed throughout the research and development process for Anya. “When Dave and Jon came to the factory to work with the final engineering prototypes, they asked if they could use the first 16-module build live at Coachella,” Rocha said. “Naturally, we were thrilled to showcase our new product at one of our industry’s most important and demanding events.” Anya uses a comprehensive technology platform that EAW calls Adaptive Performance, which allows an array to rapidly generate virtually any three-dimensional wavefront surface and simultaneously optimize the system frequency response to perfectly match the optimal requirements of any venue. “The Anya system sounded great and did an excellent job of covering the space,” Rat said. “It is really exciting to have a hands-on experience with a new technology system thrown right into a challenging, real-world application. It became readily apparent that Anya is positioned to become a world-class system. Anya fulfilled its sonic and performance expectations, solidifying Rat Sound’s commitment to take delivery of the first 40 production units in June.”