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EAW Powercube

Amplifier racks

What is it?A range of amplifier racks designed to maximize the capabilities of EAW’s line arrays.DetailsEach Powercube rack includes electrical power distribution, 12 channels of amplifier power with integrated digital signal processing and 12-channel I/O. Powercubes are designed to support either three Lab.gruppen PLM20000Q/SP amplifiers or six Powersoft K10 DSP+AESOP units and are also available in both 115V and 230V versions, with electrical power distribution panels separately configured for each of the four possible options. Though optimised for use with KF740 line array systems and the largest EAW subwoofers, Powercubes can also power and control KF760 or KF730 line arrays.The 24U rack design incorporates a shock-absorbing cage to house the power distribution, amplifiers and input and output panels. Electrical power distribution panels include standard, three-phase input connectors and circuit breaker protected outputs configured to support each amplifier compliment. The input panels allow for maximum flexibility without switching the connectors and provide analogue connections with loop through, AES connections with parallel loop through and dual Ethernet ports for loop through the amplifier’s digital network. Selectable ground lifts located on each analogue input allow it to be linked to the next successive input in series, allowing a single input to drive multiple channels of a multi-amp system.And another thing…Powercube output panels feature both Neutrik NL4 and NL8 connectors that combine amplifier outputs and make it possible to drive KF760s, KF740s or KF730s without rewiring the amp rack. Amplifiers are shipped separately from the respective manufacturers for user installation on delivery.