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Electro-Voice boosts Berlin double festival

The Telekom Click2Concert and the Berlin Festival took place at the same venue over the same weekend, where Electro-Voice and OMNEO reinforced sound for over 50,000 music fans.

An Electro-Voice sound reinforcement system, complete with OMNEO networking, was deployed for the Telekom Click2Concert and Berlin Festival; back-to-back events held in September at the city’s former airport, Tempelhof. Over 50 acts played at Berlin Festival, including Blur, Björk, the Pet Shop Boys and Casper. Immediately afterwards, in the same place and on the same stage, the Telekom Click2Concert featured David Guetta, Die Fantastischen Vier and Frida Gold. In all, some 50,000 fans attended the two events. As in previous years, the Berlin-based rental company TSE AG was given the responsibility of providing sound reinforcement for the main stage. The sound reinforcement concept for the two events involved dividing the area into four independent zones served by 8 x Xvlt, 16 x Xvls, 4 x XLD (PA, near field), 10 x XLC (delay line), 12 x XLD (out fill) and 8 x XLD (covering the VIP area). “By dividing up the venue in this way, we were able to expand or reduce the area covered depending upon the time of day and the size of the audience,” explained TSE sound engineer Alexander Lewin. To ensure sufficient sound pressure in the low frequency range, the team from TSE opted for 36 Xsubs from Electro-Voice. Here, the classic configurations to the left and right of the stage were enhanced by sub-arcs. Six stacks composed of three subs each were positioned on each side of the stage. The power to all enclosures was delivered by 50 Electro-Voice TG7 amplifiers with RCM-28 modules. The control and supervision of the system, as well as the integration of all the guest mixing consoles, was handled by an Electro-Voice N8000 NetMax digital matrix controller armed with a DM-1 Dante audio network module. To drive the amplifiers, the team led by Lewin relied on OMNEO networking technology. “This was the first time we had used OMNEO for a pro sound event,” explained TSE project manager, Silvio König. “It proved a total success. We had no need for extensive cable harnesses and were able to accomplish swift and simple patching by means of standard Ethernet. This saved us a lot of time and transportation expense – in fact, a considerable amount of money.”