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Electro-Voice Dx46

FIR-Drive processing and speaker protection

What is it?
A sound system controller offering six channels of FIR-Drive processing plus enhanced loudspeaker protection.

Incorporating the same FIR-Drive technology as the NetMax and RCM-26-equipped Tour Grade amplifiers within a “compact, easy-to-use” processor, the Dx46 combines a USB and an Ethernet interface with an integrated switch for connectivity. IRIS-Net allows complete control, configuration and supervision through standard or customised interfaces. With its state-of-the-art Finite Impulse Response filters and processing, the FIR-Drive system provides enhanced linear phase performance said to improve sonic clarity and pattern control. The Dx46 offers full input processing including graphic EQ, PEQ and delay plus a complete FIR-optimised output stage – including crossover, EQ and dynamics. It also provides specialised Array EQ and Array Delay blocks on each output to facilitate easier configuration and adjustment of arrayed, clustered or zoned systems. Other features include four separate delay sections, five contact closure inputs, 60 factory presets and 30 user presets.