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Elektron launches Model:Cycles groovebox

A six-track FM-based groovebox for sound sculpting and composition

Elektron, a Swedish manufacturer of electronic instruments, has introduced Model:Cycles, a six-track FM based groovebox for sound sculpting and composition.

The lightweight unit holds six different FM-based ‘Machines’ covering both percussive and melodic synths, allowing users to easily mold rhythm and melody and create a variety of compositions. The six Machines include Kick, Snare, Metal, Perc, Tone and Chord.

Each Machine can be explored and altered using the four core Synth Controls – Colour, Shape, Sweep, and Contour – with dedicated knobs. In addition, Elektron’s sequencer, with up to 64 steps and six audio tracks, enables the user to record live or programme the sounds and parameters as they go.

Model: Cycles can act as a versatile live instrument or groovebox to craft compositions, all enabled by its six velocity-sensitive pads. It allows for 96 projects and 96 patterns per project, with real-time or grid recording of notes and parameters. It also has storage space for up to 60,000 presets.

It is currently priced at 299 USD, available from the Elektron website or selected dealers.