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Pop musician Elle Exxe named as Pro7ect 2019’s resident artist

On the residency, Elle Exxe will collaborate with experienced producers, including Stew Jackson, Gethin Pearson, and Lauren Deakin Davies

Elle Exxe was chosen to be the resident artist at this year’s Pro7ect songwriting retreat, which teams up top songwriters and producers, for three days, to collaborate at Brighton’s Hotel Pelirocco.

This year’s producers include Stew Jackson, writer and producer for Massive Attack and a founding member of Phantom Limb; Gethin Pearson, who recently produced tracks on the To Kill A King album The Spiritual Dark Age, and Lauren Deakin Davies, who has worked with Laura Marling, Kelly Oliver, the F Spot Femmes Fatales, Kate Dimbleby, Bella Gaffney, The Christmas Present and Downtown.

Pro7ect 2019 will take place from February 26 to March 1, the three-day retreat often resulting in a large amount of work produced and recorded in a short period of time; the songwriters and producers write and record a track a day.

This year, each producer will run a pop-up studio at Hotel Pelirocco, all of which are equipped with recording technology from manufacturers such as Prism Sound, PMC, Focusrite/Novation, Roland and Audio-Technica.

This is the second time Exxe has taken part in a Pro7ect retreat, the first time resulting in the creation of two tracks for her 2016 debut album Love Fuelled Hate. Exxe describes her music as “dirty pop”, and has received many positive reviews from The Guardian, Q Magazine and Popjustice, as well as having been played on BBC Radio 2, KISS FM, BBC London, and BBC Scotland. Her songs have charted in the UK with Music Week and Amazing Radio, and her music has been licensed in a variety of television shows and ads.

Exxe commented: “I’m so happy to be returning to Pro7ect. I’m hoping this time we’ll capture some more songs for a major project I’m keeping under wraps at the moment. I’m super excited to be given the opportunity to collaborate with songwriters and producers I’ve never worked with before and I’m confident this year’s Pro7ect will not only be mega productive but also mad fun!”

Pro7ect’s creative director Lisa Fitzgibbon described Exxe’s return to the event as a massive endorsement of the power of collaborative creativity.

Fitzgibbon added: “Elle Exxe is not only a trail-blazing, rocket-ship of an artist but an incredibly inspiring and prolific songwriter. Her return to P719 as our ‘Guest Artist’ is going to shift the whole event up several gears.”

There are still a few places remaining at this year’s Pro7ect retreat; you can find more information at