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Eminence PSD:3014

High-frequency driver

What is it?A 1.4” exit compression unit designed to extend Eminence’s HF range of speaker drivers.DetailsWith a 100W continuous AES power rating, the PSD:3014 features a 3” voice coil and has a recommended minimum crossover frequency of 800Hz. The driver’s sensitivity rating is quoted as 108.4dB (1W/1m, on axis on H2EA horn with 1.4” – 2” exit adaptor) across a 800Hz – 20kHz frequency range. The PSD:2014 incorporates a ferrite magnet, polyimide voice coil former and a titanium diaphragm featuring a geodesic design said to offer increased strength and break-up control. The diameter of the driver is 7.9” and overall weight is 6.2kg. Nominal impedance is quoted at eight ohms.And another thing…Eminence’s HF product range includes the 85W PSD:2002 features a 1” throat and offering improved voice coil design, reduced moving mass and increased HF extension.