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#LoveMusic campaign supports online music creators

The #LoveMusic campaign was started to support online music creators, and to prompt a meaningful vote from the European Parliament on the Copyright Directive on which they were victorious

In Autumn 2018, members of the European Parliament backed the Copyright Directive in an important vote. 

MEPs voted in favour of the Copyright Directive today, and renamed Article 13 to Article 17.

UK Music and the #LoveMusic campaign are calling for support to sign the petition to continue working towards saving music online, even after the victory with the vote. 

Reforms to the Copyright Directive will boost the tiny amounts that some tech firms like YouTube – which pays creators as little as £0.00054 per stream – pay for music played online. There are legal loopholes that undermine the rights of creators and those that invest in them, and UK Music is working towards closing these loopholes to make the internet work for everyone. One of the reforms includes adapting Article 13, which seeks to increase the liabilities of user-upload platforms like YouTube.

According to data from the International Federation of the Phonographic industry (IFPI), audio streaming platforms had 272 million users in total in 2017, while 1.3 billion music-using users turned to online video services like YouTube. Despite having one-fifth of the users, audio streaming platforms pay substantially more for the use of music. These services paid around $5.6bn (£4.3bn or £15 per user per year) which contrasts significantly with the $856m (£650m or just 50p per user per year) from the likes of YouTube.

UK Music’s CEO, Michael Dugher, recently wrote a piece for PSNEurope explaining why tech giants should be taken to account for their unfair business practice towards music creators, discussing the principles that underline this campaign to change the CopyRight Directive. You can find it here.

To learn more about the #LoveMusic campaign and sign the petition to support music online, please visit