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European pop and rock acts turn to Meyer

What French band Les Insus and Danish singer Christopher took on tour

Veteran French rock band Les Insus and Danish pop singer Christopher have very different styles of music, but they do have something in common.

Both European acts relied on the Meyer Sound LEO Family systems for their recent tours.

A hard-driving rock quartet formed by members of the legendary group Telephone, Les Insus is touring (pictured) major arenas throughout France with its LEO Family rig throughout the year.

Bob Coke, FOH engineer for Les Insus said: “(LEO) has a very coherent and powerful signature in the lower frequencies, and a sweet high end. The generous and precise low-mids translate a potent, physical musical experience to the audience. Even when playing relatively quiet, LEO still sounds energetic.“

Singer Christopher recently wrapped a tour of Danish arenas with support from a LYON linear sound reinforcement system.

Dave Mørup, FOH engineer for Christopher said: “As a music producer, I’m used to working on studio monitors, and this is the first live system that gives me that same feeling of control. I can hear the difference on every little tweak, and I have a new sense of depth in the mix. I was also really surprised that I could get the same amount of energy from this system at 98 or 99 dB as I would from others at 102 dB. I didn’t need to play any louder, as I had plenty of punch and definition.”

The Christopher tour system comprised main arrays of 20 LYON-M linear line array loudspeakers, while main arrays for the last two shows comprised 16 LEO-M line array loudspeakers to handle larger venues.

The balance of the system included four LYON-W wide-coverage loudspeakers, eight 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements, six JM-1P arrayable loudspeakers, and six UPA-1P loudspeakers. The system was supplied by Denmark-based Victory Tour Production.

Les Insus relies on a system with front hangs of 12 LEO-M over two LYON-W loudspeakers each in addition to 30 1100-LFC elements, 20 LYON-M loudspeakers for out fill, and 16 LEOPARD line array loudspeakers for in fill.

Eight UPJ-1P VariO and six UPQ-1P loudspeakers provide front and near fills, respectively. On-stage side fills are six LYON-M loudspeakers and four 900-LFC low frequency control elements. All loudspeakers were provided by Paris-based Best Audio.