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Ex-beyerdynamic, K&F man Kinzel to bring Tendzone DSPs to Europe

The Shenzhen-based digital audio R&D company is China's largest, with over 30 models of processor

Michael Kinzel, a pro-audio industry veteran who has held senior roles at beyerdynamic (director of sales and marketing, APAC/India) and Kling & Freitag (managing director), has founded his own company, Kinzel AVL, which will serve as a Europe-wide sales network and logistics, marketing, communication and after-sales service for Chinese manufacturer Tendzone.

Kinzel (pictured, right) – who has travelled in China and its neighbouring markets since 2001, and lived in Singapore from 2012–15 – says he “strongly believes in a similar story [for Chinese goods … to those from] Germany and Japan”, which, he points out, were both similarly once known for low-quality copies of goods from other countries.

“Did you know that ‘Made in Germany’ originally stood for copies of high-quality British products 150 years ago?” he comments. “[Similarly] in the 1960s and ’70s Japan was known for ‘re-engineered’ Western products, like cars. Today, both countries stand for the finest engineering and manufacturing of high-end, high-quality products.

“And China? China has been the ‘workbench’ for worldwide industry for decades, mainly standing for OEM products and ‘re-engineered’ goods. [But I] strongly believe in a similar story to Germany and Japan [for China].”

Shenzhen-based Tendzone is the People’s Republic’s largest digital audio R&D company, with over 30 models of digital audio processor and over 40 patented technologies, including AEC (Acoustic Echo Canceller), AFC (Acoustic automatic Feedback Canceller), ANC (Acoustic Noise Canceller) and AGC (Automatic Gain Control. It,like Kinzel, is “determined to prove ‘Created in China’ will be a future quality benchmark”.

Kinzel AVL, headquartered near Hamburg, will also promote LED screen/lighting manufacturer Unilumin (also in Shenzhen) as a secondary brand. (coming soon)