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Exclusive: PSNE goes inside Europe’s largest pro audio centre

Last month, The Audio Specialists opened the doors of Europe’s biggest pro audio centre. Pro Sound News Europe’s Marc Maes spoke to CEO Axel Nagtegaal to find out what it has to offer.

With ‘Experience Days’ held on June 7 and 8, The Audio Specialists introduced the Experience Centre – a 1400 m² ‘world full of wonders’ in Apeldoorn to the professional audio industry. The company, active on multiple domains in the audio business, like Benelux distribution (for brands like Midas, Turbosound, Lab.Gruppen and Klark Teknik), sales and import, offers a unique live shop-display for professional audio gear.

“An increasing number of products are ordered online, but many users miss the opportunity of testing and comparing the products before buying them. There are plenty of resellers, e-tailers and box pushers, but can they also provide the product knowledge, product experience and demonstration equipment,” – that’s how Axel Nagtegaal, CEO/owner of The Audio Specialists describes the mission of the Experience Centre. “Selecting the right loudspeakers, amplifiers or mixing console is crucial for audio quality, and the chain is as strong as the weakest link, isn’t it? The Audio Specialists anticipate these needs with this Experience Centre. The experience Centre is really a showroom 2.0.”

In the unique setting of the Experience Centre, all products of Turbosound, Midas, Clair Brothers, Lab.Gruppen, Lake, Klark Teknik, Tannoy, GreenGo and Vokkero are set up for hands-on experience.

The spacious venue offers room to try-out different configurations in audio gear, but the Experience Centre also caters for events, technical workshops and training sessions with the equipment on display so that participants get a hunch on the functionalities of the products.

“Since the opening, the centre has staged many demo-sessions for various companies and also end user and all were impressed about the approach and the opportunity to touch and feel,” said Jollijn Borgonjen (Marketeer) at The Audio Specialists.

You can find out more about The Audio Specialists at