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Extron DMP 128

Mixer with DSP

What is it?A 12 x 8 audio mixer featuring Extron ProDSP, automixing, I/O expansion capabilities and AEC (acoustic echo cancellation). DetailsThe DMP 128 offers a configuration approach to DSP said to simplify mixing, routing, conferencing and room optimisation. The DSP Configurator Software allows the unit to be installed in very little time, with easy-to-learn adjustments that can be monitored in real-time. A digital audio expansion port allows two DMP 128 units to be linked together to expand input and output signal management and routing capabilities. The DMP 128 is said to be ideal for presentation and conferencing applications that require advanced matrix mixing with DSP.AEC technology features advanced algorithms said to deliver fast echo canceller convergence for optimal intelligibility – even in challenging conditions. The two DMP models include eight independent channels of high-performance AEC as well as selectable noise cancellation. AEC processing can be challenged by conditions such as double-talk, when talkers from both ends are speaking simultaneously, and when near-end talkers use wireless microphones. The DMP 128 C P also includes analogue phone interfacing with POTS line and phone connections.And another thing… An expansion port provides greater flexibility for sound designers working with larger systems, allowing two DMP 128 units to be linked to create an expanded matrix.