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FaitalPro HF105, HF107

High-frequency drivers

What is it?A pair of high-frequency compression drivers incorporating ferrite magnet structures.DetailsRecommended for use in 2-way enclosures or powerful line array speakers modules in combination with a 12” or 15” woofer, the HF107 weighs 2.4 kg. The 120mm driver is fitted with a 44mm voice coil and a Ketone Polymer ring diaphragm structure plus an “innovative” phase plug. Delivering an average output efficiency of 109dB across an 800Hz – 20kHz range, the HF107 can handle up to 70W operating at a crossover frequency of 1kHz. According to FaitalPro, particular care was taken in the design of the single-slot annular phase plug in order to ensure consistent response across the whole bandwidth while maintaining excellent extension towards the high-frequency end.Suitable for small to medium-sized 2-way enclosures and line arrays alongside a woofer of 12” diameter or less, the smaller HF105 is the ferrite version of FaitalPro’s existing HF104 neodymium driver from which it is said to inherit its mechanical and acoustic properties while producing slightly different tonal characteristics. The HF105 is a 91mm compression driver incorporating a 37mm voice coil, Ketone Polymer ring diaphragm and a radial phase plug. Despite its ferrite magnet assembly, the driver’s weight is just 1.1kg with an average efficiency of 107dB across a 1.4kHz – 20kHz range. The minimum recommended crossover frequency is 1.7kHz, with nominal power handling quoted at 40W. And another thing… FaitalPro has also introduced a third new ferrite model, the 35W FD371 bullet driver fitted with a 40º aluminium horn and suitable for multi-way applications in medium-sized enclosures.