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FaitalPRO HF106 and HF146

High frequency drivers

 What is it? A pair of high-frequency drivers designed for medium-power sound reinforcement applications. Details Though the dimensions and weight remain unchanged, the HF146 is a technically more evolved version of the existing HF144 model (which is still available), benefitting from a more linear frequency response and offering different tonal balance. The linear response curve and high power dissipation allow the HF146 to be used in a wide range of professional applications such as large line arrays and multi-way acoustic enclosures. It can also be used with horns or waveguides with a standard 1.4″ connection. The magnet assembly still uses 15 neodymium slugs instead of the classic ring and power output and sensitivity remain the same at 80W (AES) and 109dB (1W/1m) respectively. The HF106 is a neodymium version of the HF107, a compression driver for high frequencies with a fully annular design from the diaphragm to the phase plug. For use with horns or waveguides with a standard 1″ connection, the new model also uses a 44mm voice coil and circuit with a neodymium ring magnet and ends up weighing a shade over one kilogram. The AES nominal power rating is quoted at 60W and sensitivity is 110dB (1W/1m) across a frequency range extending beyond 20kHz. And another thing… Unlike the ferrite HF107, the HF106 model allows the replacement of the re-cone kit, directly from the back, without having to dismount the driver from the horn and features an aluminum cover for enhanced heat dissipation.