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Fifty shades of Weiss: Miloco reveals The Red Room

"The highest-quality mix environment in London", says Miloco

Miloco Studios has announced the introduction of The Red Room London, a new mixing studio and “audiophile’s dream” it co-owns with Swiss mix engineer Philippe Weiss.

Intended to be “the highest-quality mix environment in London”, The Red Room is located in the Orinoco complex near Tower Bridge, which it shares with Miloco writing studios The Bridge and The Bunker and tracking studio The Pool.

The studio’s centrepiece is a 56-channel SSL G+ console with ultimation and total recall, loaded with 24 E-Series EQs and 32 G-Series EQs (“Mixing out of the box REDefined”, says Miloco’s blurb). Monitoring is controlled by a Cranesong Avocet with a choice of Barefoot MicroMain 27s, ADAM S3As, Dynaudio BM15s, Genelec 1031s, Yamaha NS10s, “trusty” Auratones or customised Munro M4s tuned by acoustician Nick Whitaker.

The outboard, selected by Gotham Producers’ Weiss, includes “many of the usual suspects from brands such as EMI Chandler, Urei, DBX, Focusrite, Neve, AMS, Manley, Pultec [and] GML” and “much sought-after gear from the likes of EAR, EMT, AKG, Manley, Neumann and Langevin”, among others. The DAW is an Avid HDX rig with 48 outputs running Pro Tools 11 and a full complement of plug-ins with a UAD-2 card. Outputs are provided by Avid HD I/Os or Apogee DA-16X converters.

Special attention to detail has gone into the mix-print stage, says Miloco: As well as being able to print from the conventional mix-post stage on the console, there is the option to print direct from the pre-VCA point on the console and direct to the A–D converters via a bespoke mix-print chain.

Mix engineers who would like to try out the room should contact Miloco, with single mix days offered to “known mix engineers” for a special introductory price.