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First UK install of Eve Audio SC407 monitors

Northampton University has taken delivery of the UK’s first pair of Eve Audio SC407s, just two weeks after being received by Nova Distribution. North-London based music technology education supplier Academia installed the new monitors.

North-London based music technology education supplier Academia has installed Eve Audio SC407 monitors at Northampton University – the first installation of the new range in the UK. Launched at Musikmesse 2013, the new 4-way monitors “only just landed in the UK two weeks ago”, said Nova Distribution’s Phil Skins.

Both the SC407 and the larger SC408 monitors are equipped with a pair of SilverCone woofers and a midrange unit with a glass fibre coated diaphragm in honeycomb structure. Northampton University’s Popular Music degree is headed by Gordon Okafor-Ross, who has spent the past month test-driving monitor speakers with his students. The final monitor shootout was between the Eve Audio SC407, Adam Audio S3H-X and Focal Twin 6. “After rotating the universal mid/tweeter plate 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical the Eve SC407 monitors really came together in our control room. The bass is tight, the mids are clear and the top end is very detailed. The Eves overall feel more forensic and mixes developed on them sound great on other systems, “ said Okafor-Ross. “In a university environment, unlike a commercial studio, you must be prepared for students to make mistakes and the classic is switching on phantom power with a microphone channel open. I was really worried about the costs of regularly replacing fragile AMT drivers, however the Eves have a DSP protection circuit built into the input stage rather than limiting the amplifiers on other types of loudspeaker, they also helpfully flash to warn when you are close to overloading the speakers, which makes my heart beat a little more comfortably when handing the studio over to unsupervised students. Couple this with the bass extension and the uncompromising sound quality and we’ve found our perfect midfield monitors.”