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‘We’ve played an increasing part of that revolution’: Focusrite boss Phil Dudderidge on the state of the recording sector

The company recently launched a brand new Pro division to redouble its efforts in the professional market

In an exclusive interview with PSNEurope, Focusrite executive chairman Phil Dudderidge explained the decision behind the launch of its Pro division and the role the company has played in the “democratisation of recording”.

The new Focusrite Pro division was set up to serve the professional side of its business with a dedicated department, as Dudderidge explained: “Up to now, pro-product marketing has been specific to RedNet. That’s been expanded now to include the Red Series and the ISAs. It’s like creating a separate business unit under the Focusrite umbrella. The benefits will flow from having much better engagement with the markets for which these products are intended. With only the one sales department and one marketing department there was a lot of ground to be covered.

“In the last 20 years or so we’ve gone from being a very pro-orientated company to being a much more musician-orientated company, as the democratisation of recording has occurred. We’ve played an increasingly leading part in that revolution.”

Dudderidge also commented on the current pro audio trade show landscape and how the new markets the company is moving into is shaping its expo strategy.

“As we move into new markets like post, broadcast and installed sound, ISE, IBC, NAB and InfoComm are becoming more important,” he said. “With Messe, if they hadn’t messed with the layout it would have been easier to carry on doing what we were doing, but by changing the hall arrangements, various distributors chose not to exhibit and that eventually included us. We still exhibit in Prolight+Sound, but we’ve found not exhibiting at Musikmesse over the past two years hasn’t made a difference, because we actively service our distributors internationally and our dealers at a local level in the UK, Germany and the US.”

You can read our full interview with Dudderidge here