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Fohhn D-4.1200

DSP-controlled four-channel amp

What is it?A DSP-controlled, four-channel, Class-D amplifier offering a range of options to adapt a sound system to various room acoustics.DetailsThe lightweight, 19” rackmount D-4.1200 delivers 1.2kW per channel into 4 ohms (750W into 8 ohms) and features a blue 4-line front display with operation or remote control possible via laptop. The design includes two auxiliary outputs for connecting an external amplifier and allows storage and access to the performance data of up to 100 amplifiers, which can be viewed on the display, edited if necessary and saved under a different name. The stored data can then be loaded to output channels Aux5 and Aux6. It’s also possible to assign a separate amplifier to each output channel; once an amplifier preset is loaded, the performance and speaker data is evaluated and the multi-band limiter on the D-4.750 is preset automatically.The D-4.1200’s integrated DSP technology includes two separate stereo DSP engines and integrated speaker database for all Fohhn speaker types using specially-developed algorithms to protects bass, mid and high-frequency drivers. There’s also 10-band parametric EQ, delay, compressor/limiter, noise gate and crossover adjustment to adapt the system to individual sound requirements, room acoustics or personal preferences. With its temperature-controlled ventilators and adjustable noise gate, the D-4.1200 is said to be extremely quiet during use. Power to the amplifier is constantly monitored and interrupted if it exceeds the maximum permitted range. During power up, input current surges are also limited by switching on at the voltage zero crossing point.And another thing…The D-4.1200 uses Fohhn’s Audio Soft software to provide intuitive control and monitoring of all connected Fohhn audio devices with integrated DSP. A clear graphical user interface offers rapid access to the speaker database, status display and all audio devices integrated in the Fohhn DSP.