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Form 696 scrapped: music industry response

The controversial risk assessment form for DJ and MC-fronted gigs has been scrapped by the Metropolitan Police

The Metropolitan Police has scrapped a controversial risk assessment form that some grime artists have said was used as a ‘racist’ way to target their shows. 

The Met introduced Form 696 in 2005 after a series of shootings at a number of promoted club nights across London. Promoters and licensees in London have had to complete the form before hosting music events with DJs and MCs for more than 10 years – until today. 

The force said it would now use a new “voluntary partnership approach” across the city after London mayor Sadiq Khan called for a review of the form earlier this year.

UK Music CEO Michael Dugher said: “This is fantastic news. UK Music has campaigned to get rid of this unpopular restriction on our diverse and vibrant music scene.”

“It’s great that Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and London’s Night Czar Amy Lamé have listened to the concerns of the music industry.”

“We thank him for showing leadership on this important issue and ensuring that the London remains a world beater when it comes to our cultural music mix.”

We’ve rounded up some more responses from Twitter on this landmark decision. 

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan:

Night czar Amy Lame:

MP of West Suffolk/minister for digital Matt Hancock:

Spotify senior editor Austin Darbo:

Head of communications at Universal Music Jonathan Badyal: