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Fostex FM-4

 What is it?A 4-channel portable audio mixer designed specifically for EFP, broadcast and on-location TV and film applications. DetailsEach of the FM-4’s four transformer-balanced XLR inputs can accept mic or line level inputs and features 12T and 48V Phantom power, an ultra-low noise pre-amp design with high-quality custom transformers and switchable hi-shelving EQ and mid-sweep EQ. Metering is via a high-resolution, organic LED display offering both VU and peak level indication plus battery level and selectable stereo and mono modes. The design also includes multiple output options including sub outs, a tape out and two auxiliary outputs with channel select. The two main outputs and two sub outputs also double as 1-4ch direct outs (post-fader). In addition, a dedicated monitor return input is available for referencing audio from VTR or camera feeds. The FM-4 features a built-in limiter offering an attack time of approximately 5ms and release time of 200ms. The mixer operates from a 10-24V external DC power supply or eight ‘AA’ batteries fitted internally and providing more than six hours continuous operation (using alkaline batteries with phantom power off). Weight is approximately 1.5kg (not including the internal batteries) and a durable carrying case is available (SC-FM4) which includes pockets for accessories and batteries etc.