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Fostex FX-NX5A

What is it?A 2-way, powered NX Series reference monitor designed for critical listening in broadcast and recording studios, editing suites and other facilities. DetailsSaid to offer precise stereo imaging and an almost total lack of distortion, the FX-NX5A is a nearfield, bass-reflex monitoring system suitable for applications where space is limited. The design incorporates an internal wall to eliminate standing waves and precision aluminium frames capable of minimising unwanted vibrations. The 5” woofer features a UDR tangential driver edge to eliminate unwanted resonances and a Hyper Radial (HR) diaphragm which uses ‘radial papermaking technology’ said to offer “smooth, natural sound reproduction”. The wide-range 20mm hard dome tweeter incorporates a magnesium diaphragm to eliminate “sharp-edge” sound characteristics and like the LF driver, uses a rigid cast aluminium frames to minimise unwanted vibrations and resonances. Magnetic shielding allows the FX-X5A to be positioned close to a video monitor, while the time-aligned, front baffle enclosure (with recessed HF driver) is said to deliver a precise and pure sound across a 50Hz – 40kHz range and a maximum 104dB SPL. On-board power amplifiers deliver 60W and 40W (respectively) to the low and high frequency drivers and the design includes overall output level control, a dedicated tweeter level control offering +/-3dB cut/boost and a low EQ control adjustable between +2dB/0dB/-2dB for tailoring performance to the listening room. The FX-X5A measures 190mm (W) x 300mm (H) x 320mm (D) and weighs approximately 10kg.