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Fostex PD606

 What is it?A portable field recorder offering 24-bit/192kHz recording to an internal hard drive or DVD-RAM drive.
DetailsThe PD606 offers simultaneous recording of up to eight tracks on both the internal (user replaceable) 80GB hard disc drive and standard 12cm DVD-RAM discs. Simultaneous recording to both media is also available by mirroring or auto-copy. The recorder features an intelligent ‘background mode’ which automatically copies recorded audio from the HDD to DVD when the machine is idling. In addition, the DVD drive can write to DVD-R/RW and CD-R/RW discs for easy data copy/backup and it’s possible to select the USB flash memory or the DVD-RAM disk as an Auto Copy destination. Recording, mixing and routing on the PD606 are said to be intuitive functions. The unit offers flexible 8-track simultaneous recording via AES/EBU, (six channels when using the analogue XLR inputs), full 8-channel analogue outputs and the ability to digitally store monitor mix settings. When connected to a host computer, the recorder can be directly mounted on the desktop for easy drag & drop data copying. A standard QWERTY keyboard can also be connected for file name editing and future enhancements will include the ability to use USB 2.0 flash memory pens. Dual standard V-mounts are provided – allowing use of up to four cells – and it’s possible to select between Battery 1, Battery 2 or external power. A smart function automatically switches batteries when the level falls below a user-selectable level.