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Fulcrum Acoustic unveils new technology in subwoofers

Co-founder David Gunness says it could be game changer for the pro audio industry

Fulcrum Acoustic has launched the Cardioid Subwoofers, which are designed with technology to overcome the excessive rear low frequency (LF) radiation that is a major challenge of many loudspeakers.

The company’s passive cardioid technology was first introduced in their FL283 and FLS115 line array products and is now the basis for a line of Cardioid Subwoofers, which includes CS118 18” and CS121 21” models.

The subwoofers eliminate excessive rear LF radiation without the extra space requirements and inconvenience of active cardioid systems, with a single passive cardioid speaker doing the work of an active cardioid array.

Co-founder and lead product designer at Fulcrum David Gunness explains: “Passive cardioid technology evolved from listening to our customers’ needs and directing our efforts toward satisfying those needs. We see this technology as potentially game changing for the pro audio industry, and as something we will continue to develop into new applications going forward.”

Fulcrum speakers’ subcardioid behavior is produced by an acoustical circuit, which balances the position of the low frequency driver, the enclosure depth and volume, and specially constructed rear-mounted ports which include a calibrated resistive element. By opting for a subcardioid pattern as opposed to a pure, hyper or super cardioid pattern, the rear rejection increases when the modules are deployed in an array, the company says.