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Tour manager Frank Fanelli launches fundraiser for tour crews

The initiative is raising funds for touring crews affected by coronavirus

Tour manager Frank Fanelli has started a GoFundMe campaign to help tour crews who are now out of work as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

As you’ve probably witnessed yourselves, there’s been a lot of efforts across social media to encourage people to support artists in this trying time by buying merch and music, etc., but not much has been said about the impact on tour crews. Fanelli said: “As I strongly encourage fans to continue buying new merch from your favourite artists due to cancelations, Iā€™m also giving you an option to help out the crew members and roadies that help bring the shows you love to every city you see these bands in.”

Fanelli has even curated a list of 40 of his friends and fellow tour crew members that have lost their current jobs as a result of coronavirus, revealing how big of a blow the pandemic really is on the industry.

For every $20 you donate, you receive a free ‘Merch Daddy’ t-shirt, which features Fanellli on the front and ‘Corona Virus Tour 2020’ on the back (see picture above). All of the donations will be split between members of touring crews ā€“ this also includes booking agents and management teams ā€“ who can prove they’ve lost their jobs due to coronavirus.

Find out more about the initiative and how to donate here.

Fanelli explains a little bit about himself and the fundraiser below: