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Funktion One, Full Fat Audio bring audio to multiple Glasto stages

Large quantities of Funktion One loudspeakers and Full Fat Audio amplifiers were deployed across multiple stages at Glastonbury 2010, which took place late last month.

Further to last week’s coverage of a Prism Sound Orpheus deployment, PSN-e has been furnished with more details of audio systems at the 2010 Glastonbury Festival, writes David Davies. The award-winning loudspeaker manufacturer’s equipment was specified across multiple stages at this year’s Somerset gathering.

At The Glade Stage, the Funktion One loudspeaker system included two front stacks of five Resolution 5Ts and three F221As, with a pair of rear stacks comprising two Resolution 4Ts (flown from the glade structure) and three F218s. Four Resolution 2s served as DJ monitors and side-fills, while a further F218s also provided side-fill. Power came from MC2 E45 and E25 amplifiers and processing from XTA 448 controllers, while consoles were an Audient Aztec at FOH and a Yamaha M7 at monitors.

A Funktion One/MC2/XTA configuration was also in evidence at Dance Stage East, where the core system comprised 18 Resolution 5Ts, eight F221A bass units, two Resolution 1s for infill, two Resolution 4Ts, two F218s, MC2 amplification and XTA processing, a Midas Heritage 3000 at FOH and a Yamaha PM5D at monitors.

The ambitious and visually-arresting Arcadia stage (pictured) made use of Funktion One F218s and F118s, Resolution 5Ts, Resolution 4Ts, Resolution 1s and AX88s, while the Experimental Soundfield – in which Funktion One played a blend of classic sound, funk, house and jazz recordings – took a hexagonal configuration incorporating one F121 and one Resolution 3 in each of the six positions. The Ambisonic-based set-up required separate amplification in each area, consisting of three MC2 E90s for the six F121s, three MC2 E45s for the Resolution 3s, and six MC2 E25s for the 10″ mid and the 1″ HFs, while three Funktion One X04As handled crossover points and delays. Ambisonic software running in the Prism Orpheus soundcard provided six Ambisonic analogue outputs connected to the X04As.

The Funktion One team tells PSN-e that the Experimental Soundfield provided “an opportunity to play music we like with high quality files in an Ambisonic environment which gave us a new level of sonic experience. We all had a fantastic time at Glastonbury and it was brilliant to see so much Funktion One equipment on site in all the interesting places where regard for audio quality prevails.”

Rounding out the main Funktion One Glasto set-up, the Pineapple Stage employed four Resolution 4Ts and six F121s, while Jezebel – a customised Mercedes van owned by Dan Williams and Jade Jagger – stopped by the festival with a loudspeaker system featuring customised Funktion One F218s and Resolution 2SHs.

Full Fat Audio amplifiers were also in evidence across multiple areas, including NYC DownLow and London Underground in Block 9, Bassline Circus and Wave Farm in The Common, the Reverend Sharkies in The Unfair Ground, and The Hub in Shangri-La (supplied by PF Events). In each case, Full Fat Audio amps – a mixture of FFA-2000s, FFA-3600s, FFA-6000s and FFA-10000s – powered Noise Control Audio enclosures and stage monitors, including IFLYs, ASYM 3s, ASYM 2s and SM15s/CX12s.

FFA’s David Millard tells PSN-e that Noise Control Audio’s Steve Stavrinides was “very pleased with the audio, with no technical issues.”

For more on Funktion One’s deployment of Prism Sound’s Orpheus interface, see PSN-e’s earlier coverage.

Image credit: Spencer Dixey