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FX Rentals invests in new JoeCo Bluebox for bands and back up

The BBWR24MP delivers 24 channels of audio at 24bit/96kHz

London’s FX Rentals inventory has been boosted with the addition of a JoeCo BLUEBOX BBWR24MP Workstation Interface Recorder.

The BBWR24MP delivers 24 channels of audio at 24bit/96kHz, both to and from a DAW over USB 2.0, with near-zero latency and simultaneously back up of all source recordings. In the field, all of the mic preamps become available to deliver a fully stand-alone, multi-channel audio acquisition recorder. Front-panel access to core controls is complemented by the recently updated JoeCoControl app for Windows and Mac, with a suite of features and customisation options including full control over input parameters, and dedicated modes for live, studio and mix down scenarios.

FX Rentals technical engineer Will Bence (pictured) had been looking around for a good interface that has more than 16 mic pres for quite a while. “I think it’s going to be very popular for those customers who are seeking a portable solution and who don’t necessarily have access to a van or an estate car. And then there is its multi-functional status: if it was just an interface it would be fantastic, but the fact that it doubles as a Blackbox recorder and therefore gives you that level of redundancy is really great,” he says.