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Genelec updates F Series Home Audio subwoofers

The updated subwoofers will be unveiled at the High End Munich show from May 9-12

Genelec has chosen the forthcoming High End Munich show to reveal major updates to its F Series Home Audio subwoofers.

The two new models feature optical and coaxial digital inputs, higher SPL, updated remote capability, more comprehensive DIP switch features and improved power supply and amplifier design. Launched in 2012 – and created in conjunction with industrial designer Harri Koskinen – the F One and F Two active subwoofers complement Genelec’s smaller G Series two-way loudspeakers, and are contained within a compact and aesthetically pleasing form factor that has earned the F Series several design awards.

The improvement in connectivity is in response to the prevalence of digital outputs on most streaming devices, TV sets and soundcards. Digital interfacing is especially important for retaining a high signal-to-noise ratio when volume control takes place upstream, for example on a smartphone. Alongside the pair of digital inputs, both models include stereo analogue inputs on RCA and 3.5 mm stereo jack, an analogue LFE input on RCA, and stereo analogue outputs on RCA.

Additionally, the larger F Two model offers stereo analogue outputs on XLR, which make it compatible with Genelec’s professional studio loudspeakers too, and a Link connector for daisy chaining multiple subwoofers. Analogue bass management is also provided on both models, with fixed 85 Hz crossovers on the analogue I/O, and all inputs may be connected simultaneously, with automatic input detection then prioritising the digital input.

The updated F Series now offers a choice of three different remote control options: the default is Genelec’s own RF remote control, which ships with the subwoofer. The electronic design of the F Series has undergone a significant upgrade, and now features a universal voltage switched-mode power supply and Class D amplifier stage. The range of user-adjustable DIP switches has also expanded to allow activation and adjustment of Genelec’s ISS Intelligent Signal Sensing circuitry – which reduces power consumption in stand-by mode – and a new HT (Home Theatre) mode sets the gain to maximum when the analogue inputs are in use, and disables the remote control volume.

Genelec managing director Siamak Naghian commented: “For seven years now, our G and F Series Home Audio models have brought professional sound quality into the home, allowing users to experience music, movies and over-the-top broadcasting with the same levels of audio fidelity with which they were created. With the latest refinements to the new F Series, no-compromise music streaming has become readily available for both current and future users of Genelec home systems, providing another indication of our tireless dedication to providing ever higher levels of performance, flexibility and environmental friendliness.”

Genelec will be introducing the new F Series subwoofers at the High End Munich show (May 9 -12) and will be located in Atrium 4.2 E228. The new models will be shipping in June of this year.