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Google Doodle celebrates 66th anniversary of world’s first electronic music studio

The graphic commemorates Cologne's Studio of Electronic Music, which opened in 1951

Google has dedicated today’s Doodle to the world’s first electronic music studio on its 66th anniversary.

The Studio for Electronic Music opened on this day in 1951 at the West German Broadcasting Facility in Cologne, Germany. It closed in 2000.

Founded by composers Werner Meyer-Eppler, Robert Beyer and Herbert Eimert in the midst of the Cold War, the studio was fitted with state-of-the-art equipment for optimal production of new electronic sounds.

Berlin-based illustrator Henning Wagenbreth’s graphic commemorates the studio that paved the way for a new genre of music, where unfamiliar instruments such as the Monochord and Melochord were available for musicians to record with. These instruments were precursors to the modern synthesiser, and the studio’s progressive example made way for pioneering Germanv krautrock bands from Kraftwerk to Can.