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Gorilla expands audio dubbing capacity with Pro Tools

The post-production house has made the investment due to demand for Foley work

Already home to the first Avid S6 consoles in Wales; Cardiff-based post-production house Gorilla has expanded its audio dubbing capacity with the purchase of two further Pro Tools systems and an S3 console from Scrub, the post-focused division of HHB.

The S3 and one Pro Tools system are located in a new dubbing suite designed to complement the two existing S6 dubbing theatres, also equipped by Scrub. The second Pro Tools system spearheads a move by Gorilla to meet a demand for Foley work due to an increase in International distribution deliverables.

Gorilla currently has 70 Avid suites making it the largest post-production facility in Wales.

“We can move sessions quickly and easily between rooms, which is a huge benefit to productivity and accommodates a collaborative workflow,” explains Gorilla technology director Rhodri James. “Of course Pro Tools is also what our dubbing mixers want and expect to use, and Avid have made a major step forward with the launch of the S6 and S3, producing consoles with a world-class look and feel.”

The post-production house’s work varies from sport, drama and factual programming through to high-profile entertainment shows like Channel 4’s Posh Pawn and One Born Every Minute.