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Happy days for Merging’s Hapi sales!

Sales of the interface are rapidly catching up with parent product Horus

Cheer up, Claude! Your company Merging Technologies has sold over 400 Hapi Networked Audio Interfaces in 11 months!

The interface is catching up with the box from which it was a spin-off, the Merging Technologies Horus (over 600 sales since 2012, reports the Swiss software/hardware developer).

Both Horus and Hapi units are fully AES67 compliant but with the added features and functionality afforded by RAVENNA (though Hapi is 1U deep). In addition to having a high RAVENNA I/O count, eight AES/EBU plus eight ADAT or two SPDIF are standard. An optional MADI card will make Hapi into an AES67 to MADI converter with one slot left for analogue I/O.

“You don’t have to be a Pyramix user or a RAVENNA enthusiast to enjoy the advanced features that Hapi offers,” says Merging’s Chris Hollebone. “The CoreAudio and ASIO drivers allow any DAW to connect to the RAVENNA network and the superior I/O performance can become part of whatever DAW set up is used.”

Pro Tools user and Lady Gaga engineer, Dave Russell, doesn’t mince his words: “It murders everything else. Everything you put into it, you get out of it. It is so detailed.”

Merging says Hapi is a favourite with mastering engineers and the “elite” of classical recording engineers as a control room monitoring DAC. “The recent huge growth of DSD and DXD download sites is stimulating more demand for original hi-resolution recordings and since the vast majority are recorded with Pyramix/Horus/Hapi systems, there is a healthy demand for converters with the Premium cards fitted.”

Celebrated mastering and recording guru, Bob Katz adds: “Hapi is closer to the source than any other converter I have used. It is truly excellent.”

All though the bulk of Hapi’s sales are in the USA, Merging could not confirm if Pharrell Williams, singer of the global chart-topper Happy, is a user.

Paul Mortimer of UK distributor Emerging says there have been 30 Hapi sales in the UK.

Company CEO Claude Cellier kindly posed for this ‘sad and Hapi’ Hither & Dither photo at the 2014 Frankfurt launch.