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Harbeth Monitor 20

What is it?A two-way passive near-field monitor designed as a replacement for the BBC LS3/5a in broadcast, OB and desktop editing applications. DetailsSaid to be used widely at the BBC in ‘workstation offices’, the Monitor 20 is the smallest of the Harbeth Mastering range which also includes the Monitor 30 and Monitor 40.1 models – the latter available in both active and passive versions. Designed by Alan Shaw, the philosophy behind the Mastering Series is to allow any combination of Monitor 20, 30 or 40 speakers to be integrated into monitoring systems from two channel stereo through to five+ channel Dolby Digital (AC3).The Monitor 20’s sealed enclosure measures 305mm x 188mm x 198mm and houses a 5.25” long-throw bass/mid-range driver which is magnetically shielded for use in close proximity to computer or TV monitors. This is married to a 19mm aluminium tweeter to provide an overall frequency response of 75Hz to 20kHz (+/-3dB). Speakers in the Harbeth Mastering range are said to share a ‘family’ sound, allowing projects started on the Monitor 20s to be completed on the larger Monitor 30s or 40s – and vice versa.Power handling is quoted as 50W programme and the monitor presents a 4 ohm load to amplifiers which (Harbeth recommend) should deliver in excess of 25W per channel. A multi-element crossover is designed to correctly adjust the baffle step, balance the overall frequency spectrum and “seamlessly” blend in the tweeter at 3kHz. The Monitor 20 can be positioned anywhere in the studio environment but the overall response of the enclosure is optimised for use away from walls.