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Harman HiQnet Audio Architect V1.1

Audio control software

What is it?An upgrade to the Audio Architect audio configuration and control platform introducing a range of new features.DetailsAudio Architect version 1.1 offers increased functionality and several new features including control of Audinate Dante-enabled devices, enhanced functionality for BSS Audio and Crown products, better on-screen control interfaces and other improvements. It now supports the Audinate Dante-enabled BSS Audio Soundweb London BLU-806 signal processor and BLU-326 I/O expander devices as well as enabling signal naming and signal following in the software’s BSS Soundweb London Route Audio Mode for quickly and easily signal tracing through the open architecture of a BSS Soundweb London device and between Soundweb London devices over the network. V1.1 offers Soundweb London devices both 96kHz support and adds an FIR Filter Processing Object.Soundweb London Parameter presets and Device presets and can now be dragged directly into controls in the Custom Panel Designer. The new upgrade provides support for the Crown DCi 8|600N model of the DriveCore Install Network Series networkable amplifiers which have BLU link connectivity and also supports the USBX accessory that enables Crown XTi, CDi and DSi Series amplifiers with a USB port to be operated via an Apple iPad or iPhone. Audio Architect 1.1’s Full Screen Mode has also been improved, enabling it to run more effectively as a control application. Full Screen Mode is designed for the day-to-day operator and makes essential control panels and options readily available for each user, application and project.And another thing…In addition to Dante, Harman’s own BLU link bus and CobraNet are configurable in Audio Architect and AVB support will also be added in a future version.