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What we know about Harman Pro’s mass redundancies

Last week, Harman Professional Solutions announced that it was to cut a staggering 650 jobs in a bid to ‘consolidate’ its workforce. PSNEurope spoke to company spokesperson to get a clearer picture of what this unprecedented move means for the company.

The statement issued by Harman revealed that on top of these significant job losses, there will be European office closures to follow, although it has yet to confirm exactly which ones will face the chop.

However, PSNEurope understands that no brands will be cut from the Harman portfolio, while our source insisted that an “aggressive” hiring policy is already in action, meaning that the company’s net staff loss will be closer to 300 than the current 650. This strategy, we were told, will see the company make significant staff additions to its Centres of Competency, which, our source said, is a “major focus” for the company going forward. However, the company has failed to explain why the 300 or so positions it is hiring for could not be filled by existing employees.

We were also told unequivocally that the job cuts had nothing to do with Samsung and that Harman is “still an independent company that operates separately from Samsung”.

Our source also reiterated the original statement’s claim that the dramatic restructure will make the company a more streamlined operation that can move more freely and efficiently in the market. The company says it is also planning on reinvesting heavily on its IT infrastructure.

“To be clear, the changes we announced are the culmination of a transformation that the Professional Solutions Division has been undergoing for the last two years to better serve our customers, increase our competitiveness, and accelerate new product innovations,” said David Glaubke, director of public relations, global professional solutions, Harman International.