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Label manager Harriet Pittard gives insight into SA Recordings launch

PSNEurope speaks to new label manager Harriet Pittard about her plans for SA Recordings, Spitfire Audio's recently launched record label

Last month, Spitfire Audio launched into the recorded music business by starting its very own record label, SA Recordings. Label manager Harriet Pittard spoke to PSNEurope about her plans for the new venture…

For the past decade, the name Spitfire Audio has been serving the orchestral music sector as one of its foremost creators of sample libraries and virtual instruments, often collaborating with some of the scene’s most influential figures, including the likes of Hans Zimmer and Olafur Arnalds. Now, as it celebrates its 10th anniversary, the company has made the unexpected move to launch its very own record label in the form of SA Recordings.

The new label will provide a platform for Spitfire affiliated composers and emerging artists to release their work, with its debut release of a limited edition vinyl EP from Spitfire’s lead composer Oliver Patrice Weder, entitled Studio Session: Amsterdam. Recorded at his home studio in Amsterdam for Piano Day 2018, the EP features three pieces from Weder’s upcoming album, which will be released via the label later this year. The EP was released on sixteen hand-numbered 7” vinyl on Bandcamp, as well as on all streaming platforms, on January 17.

The company has appointed Harriet Pittard as label manager for SA Recordings, who brings over 10 years of experience to the role. She previously plied her trade with the Annie Mac Presents (AMP) brand, as well as working on tours and releases for a diverse roster of artists in the dance and electronic music genre. During her time with Annie Mac Presents, she helped develop the brand as part of a close-knit team, overseeing the annual AMP compilation releases with Virgin Records. She has also worked on a number of her own creative music projects.

“The launch of SA Recordings will be an opportunity to work even more closely with artists and composers affiliated with Spitfire Audio – many of whom we have collaborated with already and whose music we would like to champion going forward,” Pittard told PSNEurope. “The label will also open up a space for us to forge new collaborative relationships with emerging composers. SA Recordings has an incredible opportunity to work in conjunction with the Spitfire Audio team to create bespoke sample libraries for forthcoming releases – a pioneering and unique asset that will set the label apart.

“We will be hosting residencies for composers at the SA Writing Room at Tileyard Studios. This will be a wonderful resource for supporting SA signed artists and also an opportunity for the label to support a wider community of composers that will benefit from having the space to work on projects. More details will follow on artist residencies in the coming months.”

She continued: “I hope to bring to the role a diverse wealth of industry experience and a contemporary perspective when it comes to running a record label and developing artists. While we are interested in producing records, we are equally interested in collaborating with artists to fully realise their projects, whether that’s through live events, merchandise, sync opportunities and, most excitingly, bespoke sample libraries. 

“I feel my decade of experience working within various sectors of the music industry has served as ideal preparation for adopting a more hybrid, less conventional approach to running a record label. I am particularly excited about utilising and exploring how my knowledge and experience from the electronic music sector can be used within the context of SA Recordings. I am enthused by the ways in which we can use the label as a vehicle to challenge people’s perceptions regarding orchestral music, and really open up a conversation about what it means to be a contemporary composer through our projects and releases.”

With multiple collaborative projects and LPs pencilled after its release, SA Recordings states that it will “work towards establishing itself as a multi-genre, multi-platform label that will further contribute towards Spitfire Audio’s already well-established heritage and growth”.