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Harris ARG6800+S/D

What is it?An analogue audio remote gain distribution amplifier. DetailsThe ARG6800+ offers remotely controlled audio gain that can be increased for specific applications. The ARG6800+SR version offers a single input and the ARG6800+DR has two, with control on both selectable for either local or remote. The design offers a flat 20Hz to 20kHz (±0.05dB) frequency response, “carefully-controlled” roll-off and low (<0.02%) distortion to ensure a virtually transparent transmission path. SNR is quoted at >90 dB (@ unity gain) and crosstalk at >85dB. Isolation between modules in the mounting frame is better than 90dB over the entire audio frequency range. The transformerless, balanced input on the ARG6800+ is normally bridging, but can be terminated by installing a suitable resistor. The unbalanced input is converted to a balanced output. The ARG6800+ offers remote control of mute settings, remote indication of channel state and overload, plus local control of output configuration. This can be eight outputs designated to one channel, four outputs designated to channel A, four outputs to channel B or eight outputs designated to the combined stream of both channels.