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Harris DMX6800+A4B2D/+A4C2D

What is it?A range of analogue and AES digital audio de-embedder modules for the 6800+ core processing platform. DetailsThe basic module design accepts an SD-SDI input and de-embeds up to four analogue audio outputs and two balanced or unbalanced AES outputs. Four variations of the de-embedder modules are available: the DMX6800+A4B2D provides four analogue audio output channels and two balanced AES outputs from the SDI video input (and includes DARS input and re-clocked SDI output); the DMX6800+A4B2ZD offers similar facilities but with 600 ohms analogue audio outputs; the DMX6800+A4C2D provides four analogue audio output channels and two unbalanced AES outputs from the SDI video input (and also includes DARS input and reclocked SDI output); the DMX6800+A4C2ZD offers the same configuration, but again, with 600 ohm analogue audio outputs. DMX6800+ modules can be controlled manually via card-edge controls or controlled and monitored via the CCS Navigator software application, HTTP web browser, NUCLEUS hardware control panels or third-party SNMP-based control applications. Additional features include an SDI video input with auto-detect, demuxing of any channel within four groups, internal audio processing (gain, invert, and channel swapping), selectable 16, 20, or 24-bit audio processing and adjustable audio delay of up to 1.3s. DMX6800+ modules support card-edge and remote control via CCS Navigator plus web browser and third-party SNMP-based control applications.