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Hibino Sound chooses Coda Audio Airay for ‘acoustically challenging’ Tokyo arena

Coda Audio’s Airay line array system successfully created an intimate setting in an ‘acoustically challenging’ Tokyo venue for Japanese singer TM Revolution.

The shows, held at the Saitama Super Arena in May, celebrated 20 years since the creation of TM Revolution, the on-stage persona of singer and actor Takanori Nishikawa.

Hibino Sound supplied the audio, with chief system designer Hiroshi Inoue choosing Coda’s Airay system to create an intimate setting in what Hibino has previously found to be an acoustically challenging space.

Inoue commented: “Normally, when doing shows at the Saitama Super Arena, we’ve always had issues with 200Hz to 300Hz in the central area around 90 metres from the main stage and we’ve always had to work hard to resolve it.

“On this occasion, using Airay in there for the first time, we had clear sound in any position in the arena and I realised that our previous issues were not caused by the design of the venue at all.

“It was amazing that I could feel the ‘shape’ of the sound very close up no matter where I stood in the audience areas – when I closed my eyes it was like having a delay speaker in front of me!” he added.

Show producers wanted to create as much as intimacy as possible in the large space, with Nishikawa’s closeness to the audience being a high priority.

The stage was centrally set on one side of the arena, with crossed runways in front to allow as much close contact between the star and his fans. However, this meant that FOH was stationed 70 metres from the front of the stage.

FOH engineer Shintaro Sato said: “I couldn’t believe the sound of the system from 70 metres away, it was as though I was listening very close up. Really, it’s hard to describe just how near you feel, even at that distance.

“Also what amazed me was the reproducibility of the output sound against the input signal – meaning the audience is experiencing a more ‘real’ sound.”

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