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HMV brings back nine shuttered stores

After the administration process and deal with KPMG that led to the shut down of 27 stores, nine stores are being reopened

After the process of administration that led to the shut down of 27 stores, including its flagship on Oxford Street, HMV has struck deals with landlords and is now bringing back nine shuttered stores.

Part of this is also to do with the acquisition by Sunrise Records, as since then HMV has reopened a third of the stores that had been closed down after the deal with KPMG.

So far, five stores have been reopened and regenerated, this week in the locations of Merry Hill, Tunbridge Wells, and Plymouth. HMV Reading and HMV Meadowhall were re-opened last week.

There are a few more stores set to reopen as well, including stores in Braehead, Bath, Bluewater, and Fopp Byres Road in Glasgow.

Commenting on the reopening in Plymouth, Neil Taylor, HMV managing director, said: “I am extremely proud of our staff who are the most knowledgeable and committed people you will meet, and so it is extremely gratifying to see this store open again.

“I greatly appreciated the support of all our customers and the landlord which made re-opening this store possible.”