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IBC2016: CEDAR’s DNS 2 recognised as ‘game changer’

The dialogue noise suppressor won an IABM Design & Innovation Award 2016

CEDAR Audio’ s DNS 2 dialogue noise suppressor has won an IABM Design & Innovation Award 2016.

Commenting on the DNS 2, one judge says: “Wow – I needed this many times. The perfect companion for any remote audio kit, this processor will not only be in high demand, but probably become the de-facto standard for field audio pre-processing.”

While another judge says: “This small device is a game-changer for edit suites or recordists who need a flexible cost-effective 2-channel quick fix for difficult environments.”

Gordon Reid, CEDAR Audio’s managing director says: “We have always been confident that the DNS 2 offers the ideal combination of form (basically, it’s small, light and convenient), simplicity, and efficacy, but it’s hugely gratifying that the IABM has recognised it in this way, and we’re honoured to receive this award.”

The winners of the Design & Innovation Awards were announced at IABM’s awards reception and ceremony at IBC 2016. The judging was carried out by a panel of 40 independent, highly experienced industry professionals, each with specialist expertise in one or more of the award categories, chaired by John Ive, IABM director of Technology and Strategic Insight.

Ive says: “Periods of major change and disruption in the industry stimulate some of the most exciting and innovative developments, with new generation solutions for a wider range of broadcast and media activities. All the nominations embodied this trend, which made selecting one winner a challenge for our judges.”