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Idea Pro Audio launches at PL+S

Newly formed loudspeaker company, Idea, made its pro audio market debut at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt this year.

Newly formed loudspeaker company, Idea, made its pro audio market debut at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt this year. The fledgling manufacturer is based in the Galicia region of Spain, where it has been working on minor OEM projects for nearly two years prior to the development of the Idea brand.

Audio technical director Santiago Alcalá explains that the concept for the Idea brand was developed because the company was presented with “logistical advantages’ as well as an excellent “quality-to-cost ratio,” for its manufacturing operations.

The products on display at Prolight + Sound included modular loudspeakers and amplification systems for live, touring and installation applications. “The key to the design of most Idea products is always function. Idea products are built like racecars – for their purpose,” asserts Alcalá.

“We are going to be offering our loudspeakers as complete systems with amplification and DSP,” he continues. “We will be introducing the different members of the TEO family, which will allow the users to create their own configurations of passive, active or self-powered loudspeaker solutions.”

The company’s products are the result of a multinational collaboration between technical teams from Spain, Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. “In terms of passive crossovers, we have a close collaboration with Swiss manufacturer SpeakLab, which we are very lucky to be partnering with,” says Alcalá.

“For the transducers in all the cabinets, we have the privilege of working very closely with the R&D department of Beyma, who are supplying special customisations for Idea based on some of their best products.”

Idea’s technical team found that horns made from wood had a lower resonance frequency band than prototypes made from aluminium-moulded, plastic-injected or fibreglass-moulded prototypes, and as a result, recycled wood is now used for the horns in Idea loudspeakers. “With our own manufacturing process we control the production of each waveguide and we can easily make modifications or develop different models with the same technique,” explains Alcalá.

Alcalá tells PSNEurope that Idea currently has a total of eight distributors across America and Europe, with the majority of these distributors based in the US. “In the following weeks we will confirm new distribution deals as soon they are finally closed. But we can let you know that we have a fantastic selection of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and experienced distributors in some key markets that we are very interested in being part of.”

Marketing and communications coordinator Richi Rozas, is pictured in front of an Idea loudspeaker at Prolight + Sound.