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In memoriam – Keith Barr

Spin Semiconductor and Exelys were among the companies founded by Keith Barr in the latter part of a career that was characterised by a flair for innovation and an eye for new target markets.

The MXR Innovations and Alesis founder has passed away at the age of 61 after a suspected heart attack, reports PSN-e. Having established guitar effect pedal company MXR Innovations in 1973, Keith Barr went on to found Alesis in the mid ‘80s, leading the business through a series of trail-blazing launches, including the all-digital XT Reverb.

Alesis also brought drum machines, keyboards, sequencers, studio monitors and many other products to market, but was arguably most significant during this period for its introduction of the eight-track digital recorder Alesis ADAT.

After departing Alesis earlier this decade, Barr founded two more companies: IC specialist Spin Semiconductor and golf technology company Exelys. Passing away at the age of 61 after a suspected heart attack, Barr leaves behind a wife and two children.