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Music and audio industry responds to coronavirus outbreak

A round-up of industry responses

With the global coronavirus outbreak impacting each and every industry in different ways, we took a look at how the pro audio, music and live sound sectors are responding to the crisis on social media.

Trade shows and tours are being cancelled left and right, so now, it seems, is the time to drive online activity more than ever, as well as supporting musicians in different ways e.g. buying music rather than streaming or purchasing merch online. And who knows, online gigs might become a popular phenomenon.

As Olga Fitzroy – executive director of the MPG – has pointed out and launched a petition in response, the Government is yet to recognise the need for statutory sick pay for the self-employed, such as freelance audio engineers and producers. The MPG has also issued advice regarding coronavirus for its members.

As for pro audio manufacturers, the crash in the stock market and the cancellation or postponement of most trade shows are bound to have had an impact. However, companies are doing their best to showcase their products in local, smaller gatherings. Martin Audio also shared a petition to get the Government to offer financial support to those working in the events industry. Find out what the industry had to say below: