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Sweden’s National Theatre goes steady with Alcons

After years of renting Alcons loudspeakers for its events, the Royal Dramatic Theatre has invested in a permanent LR7 system.

Founded in 1788, the Royal Dramatic Theatre – or Dramaten – is Sweden’s National Theatre. After several years of renting Alcons loudspeakers for events, the theatre has installed a permanent system in its main space.

Dramaten has seven stages in three different buildings. At the heart of the theatre is the 770-capacity Main Stage with a décor that is maintained as close as possible to when the building first opened.

“The challenge was to find a physically small PA without compromising in sound. We demand even coverage throughout all four levels of seating and a good stereo image. The available positioning for a PA was very limited because the building is historically protected, as well as considering sight lines,” says Dramaten’s technical project manager, Johan Bengtsson.

Swedish audio specialist Electrosound AB is a member of the Alcons global Ribbon Network and had rented a range of systems to Dramaten in the past.

“When it became time to replace the main system in the Main Stage, Dramaten asked me to do a full-scale site demonstration. I chose Alcons LR7 and LR7B as the best solution, because it fulfilled all their needs and delivered the added benefits of better coverage and sound quality. Tenders were invited for supplying the final system and Alcons LR7 was the winner,” says Electrosound’s Brollan Söderström.

According to Alcons the LR7 is a true line-source system, which can be deployed either in stacked or flown configuration. Loaded with the RBN401 pro-ribbon driver on a ‘morpher’ lens – which produces up to 94% frontal radiation – the system features 120° dispersion with seamless coverage.

The LR7B is a double-tuned bandpass bass unit. Featuring a single 12” long excursion woofer, the LR7B delivers high output bass response from an ultra-compact, weight-efficient package.

In addition to the LR7 and LR7B, eight Alcons VR12 two way, compact loudspeakers were installed as fills and monitors. The system is powered by five Alcons ALC Sentinel 3 Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers.

“The Alcons system has increased the overall sound quality, but from a system that is smaller than the previous one,” says Brollan. “The theatre is very happy with the LR7 solution.”