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‘The result of years of investment’: Miloco praises bookings team for Studio of the Year win

The 2017 Pro Sound Awards Studio of the Year award was won by Miloco for its Livingston studio. A video interview with the Miloco team recorded minutes after the studio company picked up the prize showed that investment in the London-based room clearly paid off.

“[It’s been a] big year, with lots of changes, so we’re happy with the investment we made, and the fact it’s been noticed, so yeah, we’re chuffed,” said James Bronte-Stewart from the company.

“I think we’re really lucky in the fact that we manage lots of studios, around 150-plus at the moment, and we have a really good bookings team. The staff we have behind us – we’re really lucky to have them.”

Miloco took on the “very popular” Livingston studio in Wood Green, north London around five years ago. 

“We’ve been improving the gear, and improving the sound in [Miloco Livingston] over the past five years and now I think is when we’re really seeing the results of all that. It’s working really well as a studio, and a lot of people love it.”

Miloco won the 2014 Pro Sound Awards Grand Prix award and said “to win another award three years later is pretty cool”.  

Watch the full video here.