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PL+S 2016: The preview, pt. 2

Even more news and new products from the show floor in Frankfurt...

In case you missed it, Part 1 of our PL+S preview details changes to the show itself, and the first batch of product announcements expected out of Frankfurt. Onwards then, to the second batch…

The main focus for Fohhn Audio AG this year is on achieving compatibility with all audio networks, and the associated increase in flexibility that this brings. On show in Frankfurt will be the current models in Fohhn’s award-winning Linea Focus series, which are now equipped with an Optocore interface. A corresponding Dante connectivity option is currently in development as well.

In future, all active Fohhn loudspeakers, amplifiers and controllers will be equipped with digital, transformer-balanced AES/EBU inputs, making them compatible with any digital audio network. With this in mind, Fohhn is set to introduce the first models belonging to its new generation of more powerful digital amplifiers, equipped with AES/EBU inputs and integrated digital signal processors, with a power capability of 2 x 2,000W / 4 Ohm.

Funktion-One is officially launching Vero, a large-format touring sound system featuring six low-distortion horn-loaded loudspeakers and powered by Lab.gruppen amps.

The Vero system – six years in the making – is set to redefine audio and operational performance expectations, offering “a new level of performance characteristics relating to sound quality, efficiency and directivity,” according to the British loudspeaker manufacturer.

Also receiving their debuts on the Funktion-One stand will be the Evo 7T – a fully horn-loaded touring loudspeaker with 15in mid-bass, 10in Funktion-One signature mid-range and 1.4in compression driver – and the F132 horn-loaded bass enclosure, which features Powersoft’s M-Force 10kW linear transducer and Funktion-One’s specially designed cone and enclosure technology.

LD Systems, part of the Adam Hall Group, will be demonstrating a new generation of its MAUI range at the show in the form of the MAUI 28 G2 and MAUI 11 G2. The MAUI 28 G2 is a compact, active column PA with DSP-based signal processing, Bluetooth and a four-channel mixer. Both the overall sound and dispersion have been improved and the weight has once again been significantly reduced. The main new feature of the MAUI 11 G2 is its two-part speaker column, which makes it easier to transport.

Proel will launch the new Axiom compact AX800A line array system at Prolight + Sound. Featuring two 8in low frequency drivers and a 1.4in high frequency compression driver in a lightweight moulded polypropylene enclosure, the two-way AX800A offers “stylish design, ease of setup, and simplicity of operation.”

It is designed for a variety of sound reinforcement situations, including mid-sized indoor and outdoor events, small festivals, corporate events, and even as delays or outfills on larger shows. In the install sector, the AX800A is ideal for theatres, houses of worship, live music venues and small clubs, theme parks, leisure and sports facilities, and retail spaces.
The Class D amplifier is a DA series module used in numerous other powered Axiom loudspeaker products, and in this configuration it is optimised to deliver 900 Watts to both LF drivers and 200 Watts to the compression driver.

The entire Iconyx series from Renkus-Heinz will be on show, including new Dante-enabled versions of Iconyx and IC Live, along with IC2 and the VARIAi modular point source array system. The steerable sound specialist will also demonstrate RHAON II (Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network), with support for all of the manufacturer’s current loudspeaker ranges. The company will use the event to carry out ‘quick, but highly effective’ demos of the power of digital beam steering. “In less than a minute, you will hear what Iconyx can do for you,” Renkus-Heinz says.

RTW will be showing its new Continuous Loudness Control software, an adaptive morphing algorithm that allows users to constantly control and regulate to a given programme-loudness value, along with a definable loudness range with minimal obstacles. The software is able to handle most common DAW software, audio and files, and meets all major global loudness standard specifications.

RTW will also reveal an updated version 3.0 to its Masterclass Plug-ins – a set of mastering and loudness tools, which now adhere to SAWA and TASA cinema loudness standards – and the TM3-Primus, a compact addition to the TouchMonitor range of audio meters. Additionally, a new USB Connect Tool enables a direct connection between a TM3-Primus as a plug-in within a DAW environment.

Finally, Sennheiser will offer an AMBEO 3D audio immersive sound experience to visitors at the show on a joint stand with Neumann.

The booth will provide opportunities to try out Venue Modelling software, which takes 3D audio into the DJ world, and catch a glimpse of Sennheiser’s upcoming virtual reality microphone.

The centerpiece, however, is the Sound Experience Room, which will offer listening sessions with its HE 1 headphones, AMBEO 3D audio, and stereo and surround-sound demonstrations with Neumann loudspeakers.

Musicians can also expect to find a portfolio of wired and wireless microphones from the evolution to the 2000 series on show, while DJs will be able to get their hands on professional headphones like the HD 25 and demo versions of the Venue Modelling software at the DJ Convention – a special collaborative show covering an area of around 900 square metres between Halls 5.1 and 6.1.