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Adlib stands up with comedian Jack Whitehall

It was a case of only one live mic onstage but that mic was completely mission critical

Adlib supplied the sound for Jack Whitehall’s sold out, three week At Large UK arena tour.

The crew worked with TPi Award winning production manager Neil McDonald, along with tour manager Johnny Dodkin.

Steve Pattison mixed FOH, working with a team from Adlib including monitor engineer / sound crew chief Marc Peers and systems tech Tony Szabo, KSE, who were responsible for the precision and detail required to ensure that every seat in the house had crisp, clear and audible speech.

It was a case of only one live mic onstage but that mic was completely mission critical, and so the pressure was on for the audio department.

The system was L-Acoustics mix of K1 and K2. The front PA hangs – in their largest configuration – comprised 14 x K1 with four KARA downs, with side hangs of 12 x K2, increased to 16 for the largest venue, London’s O2 Arena.

The delays were typically 6 x K1 in two hangs with flown amp racks for easier cabling and improved sightlines. A total of 46 x amplifiers were used – mostly the new LA12X (including flown racks).

A total of eight SB28 subs were only active for the grand entrance at the top of Act 2 and for the walk-in / intermission music.

All of the front and lip fills were KARA, picked for their low profiles and to cover the first 10m of the stalls, and one additional KARA box was on the front centre of stage as a prop.

Taking care of the processing was one of Adlib’s Lake / Dante fibre systems and Szabo used Meyer SIM 3 & SMAART v8 for audio analytics and measurement.

The console of choice was a DiGiCo S31, while an S21 was used for monitors. Needing only 8 channels, the tiny footprints of the consoles were an ideal mix of quality and size for the application.

The stage box was the DiGiCo SD Rack bringing the same pre-amps as the larger consoles connected via a hi-definition BNC coax cable from FOH to stage, run at 48K to allow for full redundancy in both directions.

One of Adlib’s Wardrobes, was utilised a fully configurable double width case – in this case containing SD racks, UPS and RF units, shout speakers, power distro – designed for push-in-plug-in-power-up convenience and speed.

Also, included on this was a brand-new Green-GO network based digital intercom system. This was used for all the show communications, connecting lighting, sound, video, stage management and show calling via a mix of wireless and wired headsets.

Two ARCS boxes were flown for side fills and two wireless DPA headset mics, two hand-held mics and one set of Sennheiser IEMs.

At Large was a huge success, selling out everywhere and bringing many, many laughs and lots of warmth across the UK during a cold and grey February!

Adlib client manager Phil Kielty comments: “When we did Jack’s last arena tour it gained rave reviews for making live comedy ‘an event’ … so riding onto stage on horseback for this one …we can safely say he repeated the feat.”