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Community to unveil audio innovations at InfoComm

Community will reveal its new beamforming technology in the shape of the room prediction software, the L SERIES LVH-900 Beamforming Venue Horn, and its new Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers (ALC)

Community Professional Loudspeakers is set to unveil a raft of new technology and products at this year’s InfoComm in Orlando, Florida. 

CEO Steve Johnson, president and founder Bruce Howze, senior director of engineering Paul Peace, and other members of the Community team will be on hand in booth 6343 and demo room W224E. Community is also offering a full schedule of demos and a training session.

At InfoComm, Community will showcase its new beamforming technology that addresses the unique coverage and projection challenges of large venues with its new room prediction software, the L SERIES LVH-900 Beamforming Venue Horn. The company also will present its new Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers (ALC), which provide all of the signal routing, zone switching, DSP processing, protective limiting, remote monitoring, and amplification functions needed between a mixer and the loudspeakers in any Community Professional Loudspeakers application. The combination of the LVH-900 Beamforming Venue Horn and the Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers enables precise tailoring of the directivity of each loudspeaker or array of loudspeakers to meet the sound requirements in challenging applications.

Community’s InfoComm demo presentations will also feature its I SERIES Modular Vertical Array 600 (IV6). Aesthetically designed for installed indoor or outdoor applications, the IV6 provides physical and acoustic-shaping tools that allow designers to tailor an array to the needs of any venue, providing uniform coverage in short- or long-throw applications.

At the Community booth, attendees will be able to view the inside of an LVH-900 cabinet and see the Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers, along with several other Community products, including the R SERIES, W SERIES, and E SERIES.

On Tuesday, June 11, from 3 to 4:30 pm, Community is offering a special training session entitled “Which Loudspeakers, How Many, Where to Point Them?” taught by Paul Peace and technical services manager John Loufik. This class will introduce a new concept developed by Community called VenuePolar, a new room loudspeaker algorithm that answers the big system-design questions, in addition to optimising the results. The acoustics of the venue-loudspeaker interface will be discussed, and the simplicity of the “designing backward” user workflow will be demonstrated. The results are comprehensive loudspeaker-plus-amplifier designs that are simple to develop yet mathematically optimised.