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Formidable Audio’s Flashlight cabinets to feature at Gig For Life

The music festival, which will raise money for Cancer Research UK, will include 10cc, Maverick Sabre and Toploader

UK-based Formidable Audio have been chosen as audio supplier for the pilot event of Gig For Life, a music festival in aid of Cancer Research UK, which will be held on May 27 at the Hop Farm site in Kent.

Formidable Audio’s stock of refurbished and upgraded Flashlight cabinets will deliver the likes of 10cc, Maverick Sabre and Toploader to a 10,000 capacity audience.

Formidable Audio’s Joe Turner (pictured), who is also the festival’s production manager, says: “It’s such and honour to be a part of something as exciting as Gig For Life, which as well as supporting a truly worthwhile cause, has such exciting prospects for the future. The team at Amber Creative (the event organisers), are committed to turning Gig For Life into a national event, which not only opens the possibility of touring the production across the country, but also has the potential to generate massive donations to Cancer Research UK.”

Gig For Life will be the company’s largest deployment of modernised Flashlight at a public event.

“This is a great opportunity for us to showcase the Flashlight in all its glory,” says Turner. “We’ll be putting in a 4 x 4 cluster each side, so this is going to be big. It’s probably the largest deployment of Flashlight anyone has seen or heard in many years. I’m excited to see what reactions we get from engineers, bands and audience alike.”

To accompany the flown clusters, a total of 48 TSW721’s will provide the low frequencies, whilst TFL760H Floodlights will provide near field coverage.