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Gobsmacked: Godsmack’s production manager ‘amazed’ by Meyer Sound LEO rig

Godsmack's FOH Engineer and production manager Scott Tkachuk 'amazed' by the Meyer LEO rig, which was deployed for the band's duo tour alongside fellow rock band Shinedown

American rock bands Godsmack and Shinedown recently performed across the USA as part of their joint tour, with Godsmack’s production manager Scott Tkachuk left “amazed” by the Meyer Sound LEO rig’s performance.

“We had toured with a Meyer LEO rig before and we were amazed at how far it could throw while maintaining clarity and a sense of presence — of being right there with the band,” said Tkachuk of the system’s performance on the tour.

The tours took place across the USA and were powered up by the Meyer LEO Family system, with a wide wrap-around of LEO, LYON and LEOPARD line arrays and with a low end delivered through an arced array of 1100-LFC low frequency control elements.

Tkachuk added: “Some lawn systems are good, and some not so good, but even some of the better ones are set up for mono, and that defeats the whole purpose of painting a stereo image. We can have up to 8,000 people on the lawn and they need to experience what I’m hearing at front-of-house. With the LEO system we can shoot out into the lawns, holding a good stereo image and giving you the feeling that you’re only 50 feet from the stage.”

The default system configuration was anchored by dual front arrays of 12 LEO line array loudspeakers with four LYON line array loudspeakers underhung for down-fill. Out-fill arrays were 10-each LYON, and side wrap arrays comprised 12-each LEOPARD compact line array loudspeakers. Six more LEOPARD cabinets were available for front or peripheral fill as needed.

“Some system designers let this fall by the wayside, but I want the experience down there to be just as good — if not better — than at front-of house,” Tkachuk continues “That’s why I set up the four JM-1P loudspeakers cross-firing across the front, almost like a separate club PA. The JM-1Ps are very high powered enclosures, so can really stick the screws to them. It gives you great stereo imaging and really keeps the crowd fired up in the front.”

Tkachuk managed the Godsmack set behind a Midas ProX console, whilst the FOH engineer Tom Abraham worked the with the Shinedown set, using a Yamaha PM10. The wireless systems were supplied by Shure.

The Godsmack and Shinedown tour began this summer on July 2 in Clarkston, Michigan, and went across USA to Sacramento, California, where they wrapped up on October 13 2018.